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Top 10 Sage Evolution Partner in South Africa operating since 1996 with over 20 years of knowledge and expertise

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Sage Evolution ERP and Payroll

Cross industry experience with a team of specialists across the full spectrum from CORE modules to expert modules

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Sage South Africa and Sage International

Sage Pastel with over 85% market share in the Small and Medium Business Sector

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Different Software & Integration Problems

Are you wasting resources? Sage Evolution ERP has helped more than 90,000 users across all industries to become more efficient, reduced wastage and cut costs

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Scalability & Growth

Have your systems become the ceiling of your growth? Sage Evolution ERP can scale from 1 user to 300 or more users. Starting small and growing into the software is easy

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Complexity & Complicated Systems

Are ten people doing the job of one? Too many software programs with duplication wasting time and increasing errors? Sage Evolution ERP centralises all you data and processing

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Security & Integrity

Are you losing stock or sensitive data? Is your system unstable or open for hacks? Sage Evolution ERP is fully audit capable and IFRS compliant plus it is endorsed by accountants everywhere

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Sage Evolution ERP - Business Management Software

We are almost entirely focussed on Sage Evolution ERP software and related solutions –  we do no other software and therefore you can be 100% assured of our commitment to giving you 100% fit with your current and future ERP needs

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Sage Evolution Premium

The Premium of Enterprise version caters for small to mid sized businesses looking for complex functionality whether a single user or a 100+ user system. Comprehensive add-on modules to customise your own solution. Known as Sage 100


Sage Evolution Standard

Small businesses from 1 to 10 users who need low cost high value and stability. Ideal for converting directly from Pastel Partner or any old and dated small business software. Also known as Sage 50.


Sage Pastel Payroll

Simple to complex payroll and HR processing. Integrates with Sage Evolution to create seamless transactions across systems.Regular updates via download ensures you are always up to date with the latest tax laws. EMP201 and IRP5 standard reporting and processing.


Reports, Integration & Development

Comprehensive reports are standard and if required, the BI add-ons cater for complex customised reports. Developing custom functionality and integrating with 3rd party software is easy. Adding specific functions and screens for your unique business is made easy, because we know that there is no other business the same as yours. On the opposite side, you can take advantage of our years of experience, best practice models as well as leverage off a library of what we have already done for others.


Bid or Buy

With our rapid growth and large volume of transactions conducted via a high traffic website, Evolution has been a life-saver.

Marina Goodson
Financial Manager


An ERP solution was essential for us to ensure better than usual CRM but also supported the business basics like job costing, invoicing and reporting.

Anju Sahni
Logistics Director and Co-owner

Dew Crisp

Evolution has worked miracles for our month end.

Kai Esterhuizen
Financial Manager
Dew Crisp

Macsteel Africa

We see the benefits of Sage Evolution across our Malawian operation. With accurate information, we have better stock and debtor management.

Peter Ellis
Managing Director
Macsteel Africa