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NetSuite Brings You All-Rounder Outstanding Solutions for Running Your Business

There’s nothing you can’t achieve with NetSuite’s software suites that outperform all others. You always have fast and easy solutions at your fingertips. With one unified management suite, you can overlook your Accounts, CRM, and more swiftly and efficiently.

Why Choose NetSuite?

  • Easily Adaptable to

  • You’re Always in Control

  • Superb Flexibility

  • Scale up, Introduce New Business Models, Do Anything Quickly & Easily

  • Migrate to NetSuite Seamlessly

  • Frequent Updates Committed to Infinitely Making Your Experience Better

  • Native Business Intelligence

  • Real-Time Analytics Always Tell You How to Improve

  • Commerce-Ready ERP. Get Up and Running Quickly with the Customizable Experience

Get Accounting

With the Get Accounting Package, you get everything you need to transform the way you handle finance into an extremely smooth, quick, and faultless process. You Rest Easy Knowing You’re Compliant at All Times and Up-To-Date with the Businesses’ Position. The Package Includes the Following Software:

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Billing

  • Financial Reporting

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance


  • End-to-end lifecycle management for plant, property and equipment

  • Creation of Advanced Subscription Billing

  • Report Fast and Accurately. Close With Confidence

  • Reduced Back-Office Costs

  • Financial Reporting Dashboards

  • Strong Regulatory Compliance (and a good night’s sleep)


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Marketing Campaign Success

  • Shortened Sales Cycles

  • Lead Reporting and Analytics

  • Designs to Attract New Customers

  • Reduced Costs with Effective Self-Service

  • Design to Drive Incremental Revenue

  • Powerfully Boosted Sales

  • Highly Qualified Leads Generation

Enhanced CRM

Enjoy a Seamless Flow of Information Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle—NetSuite Will Nurture All the Way from Lead Through Opportunity, Fulfilment, Renewal, Upsell, to Support. You Have Advanced Productivity Across the Organisation with an All-Time 360-Degree View of Customers. You Get the Following Software:

  • Customer Service Management

  • Marketing Automation

  • Sales Force Automation

NetSuite People

This Human Capital Management Package Gives You All You Need to securely weave people's data throughout the software for complete control. Managers always know about who their employees are, new hire information, compensation changes, promotions and more. The suite even allows employees to directly set goals, request time-off or access to organisational charts, monitor vacation schedules and even publicly recognise peers for work well done. You Get:

  • Human Resource Management

  • HR Analytics

  • Performance Management


  • Role-Based Security

  • Unified Access

  • Global Reach

  • Performance Management

  • Insightful Analytics

  • Employee Center

  • Job Management, Workflows and Compliance Management

  • Moods Logging Regarding Different Projects

  • Adjust Completion Dates and Set Targets


  • End-to-end Lifecycle Management for Plant, Property, Equipment

  • Creation of Advanced Subscription Billing

  • Financial Reporting Dashboards

  • Increase Labour Productivity and Reduce Costs

  • Efficiently Run Your Warehouse and Minimise Handling Costs

  • Easy Replenishment

  • Multi-Location Planning

  • Automate Entire Order to Cash Flow

  • Gross Profit Analysis

  • Easy Transition from Opportunity to Fulfillment

  • Customer Refund Management

  • Workflow Approvals to Ensure Procedural Compliance

Enhanced CRM

This powerfully capable ERP package brings you a contemporary and scalable solution to run your operations smoothly and securely from end-to-end. You Get:

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Billing

  • Financial Reporting

  • Sales Order Management

  • Returns Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Management


Finance and Accounting

The Smart Way to Meet All Your Basic Accounting Needs.

You Get:

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable

  • Tax Management

  • Fixed Assets Management

  • Fixed Assets Management

  • Cash Management

  • Payment Management


Seamlessly Manage Your Recurrent Payments, Subscriptions and Enjoy Full Integration to Advanced Revenue Management. You Get:

  • SuiteBilling

  • Seamless Flow to Core Financials

  • Subscription Billing

  • Advanced Subscription Billing

  • Creation of Complex, Value Based Subscriptions

  • Full Integration to Advanced Revenue Management

  • Advanced Rating

  • Create Complex Rating Models. Couple with High Volume Transactions

Financial Reporting

So Much More Than Just Automated and Accurate Financial Statements. You Gain Invaluable Insight into Your Entire Organisation with Real-Time Analysis and Modeling Across All Dimensions. You Get:

  • Global Compliance with Local Format Support

  • Multiple Books, Fiscal and Tax Calendars

  • Single Version of Truth

  • Financial Issues Diagnosis

  • Financial Reporting Dashboards

  • Highly Flexible GL Accounts, Transaction Fields and More

  • Financial Report Builder Tool

  • Highlight Critical Data

Customer Service Management

Maintain a 36-Degree View of Your Customers at All Times. Stay Effective, Proactive and Efficient with How You Manage Your Customers from Lead to End. You Get:

  • Reduced Costs with Effective Self-Service

  • Driven Incremental Revenue

  • Time Tracking

  • Case Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Customer Portal

  • Multiple Communications Channels, Including Phone, Fax and Web.

  • Organize and Publish Easily- Service Reps Quickly Track Down Information

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Adapt, Adhere, and Comply While You Make Business Decisions Confidently in Alignment with Strategic Objectives and Risk Tolerance. You Get:

  • Ensured Regulatory Compliance

  • Notifications on Security Policy Changes Impacting Security

  • Robust Risk Management

  • Enhanced Audit Management

  • Continually Anticipate and Proactively Manage Risk

  • Time and Expense Management

  • Issue Tracking, Reporting and Remediation

Marketing Management

Generate Highly Qualified Leads Ready for Sales Engagement with a Framework Built to Target, Build, Execute, and Evaluate Marketing Campaigns. The Complexity is Taken Out of Lead Generation and Conversion. You Get:

  • Effective Multi-channel Campaign Management

  • Improved and Aligned Sales Collaboration

  • Shortened Sales Cycle

  • Real-Time Visibility

  • Lead Reporting and Analytics

  • Website Search Engine Optimization

  • Campaign and Email Management

  • Landing Page and Forms

Sales Force Automation

Powerfully Boost Sales While Gaining Invaluable Insight to Sell, Upsell, Drive Renewals, and Set Customer Expectations. You Get:

  • Effective Multi-channel Campaign Management

  • Improved and Aligned Sales Collaboration

  • Shortened Sales Cycle

  • Real-Time Visibility

  • Lead Reporting and Analytics

  • Website Search Engine Optimization

  • Campaign and Email Management

  • Landing Page and Forms

Human Resource

A More Engaging and Insightful Way to Manage the People of Your Organisation. Collaboration Between Employees and Management Couldn’t Get Any Simpler and more Efficient. You Get:

  • Flexible and Up-To-Date Integration

  • Global Reach to International Employees

  • Easy Time-Off Requests

  • Native Organisation Design

  • Job Management and Workflows

  • Compliance Management

  • Employee Master Data

  • Employees Can Easily Update Personal Information

HR Analytics

Easily Get an Overview of Your Employee Analytics That Can Be Segmented by Departments, Employee Class, Subsidiaries and More. You Always Know What’s up and How to Improve. You Get:

  • Reviewing Metrics

  • Visualise Head Count

  • Growth Trends

  • Turnover Trends

  • Segmented Departments, Locations, and More

  • Filters to View Specific Groups of Employees

Progress Management

Always Know Where Your Employees’ Projects Stand with Progress Management. Your Employees and Managers Are Always Involved and Engaged. You Get:

  • Management of Goals and Adjusting Completion Dates

  • Progress Visibility

  • Employee Centre

  • Greater Performance Management Efficiencies

  • Goal Creation Engagement

  • Recognition for Achievements

Inventory Management

Make Sure You Always Have the Right Amount of Inventory in the Right Places to Meet Demand While Keeping Costs at a Minimum and Efficiency at the Maximum Levels. You Get:

  • Replenishment

  • Multi-Location Planning

  • Cycle Counting

  • Lot and Serial Tracking

  • Serial Tracking

  • Enforce Full Traceability

  • Warehousing

  • Multi-Location and Bin Tracking

  • Hierarchical Location Definitions

Warehouse Management

Streamline Your Warehouse Operations Using Industry Leading Practices That Optimise Your Processes Leading to Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Handling Costs. You Get:

  • Multi-Location Inventory

  • Bin Tracking

  • Cycle Counting

  • Barcodes

  • Kitting

  • Strategy Definition for Put-Away and Picking

  • Wave Management

  • Dynamic Replenishments

Sales Order Management

The Lifeblood of Your Business Involves Managing, Tracking, Fulfilling and Being Paid for Sales. Experience Unrivalled Visibility into the Process. You Get:

  • Gross Profit Analysis

  • Trigger Approvals Based on Company Policy

  • Commissions Calculated Based on Sales Performance

  • Workflow Approvals

  • Shortened Order to Ship Time

  • Automated Transitions from Quote through to Shipping

  • Defined Workflows for Rule-Based Transitions

Returns Management

When a Customer Has Already Faced an Experience That Wasn’t Up to Expectations, You Can Still Delight Them with Fast and Clear Steps in the Process of Returning. You Get:

  • Support Portal- After-Hours Support & Processing

  • Automatic Updates

  • Efficient Communication

  • Issue Tracking to Identify Possible Design Flaws

  • Automated Refund Processing

  • Workflow Approvals- Ensure Procedural Compliance

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Account Updating

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